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4 Steps to Increase Sleep with Mental Health


Sleep? What is Sleep?

Sleep is something that people struggle with when it comes to mental health. It is commonly associated with people with anxiety and PTSD. Usually, when you get prescribed medication for your anxiety, they will pair it with a sleeping medication. Which some people find helpful, but often people find that they still wake up unrested and still feeling tired. Ends up leading to those long naps during the day.

There are a couple of things that actually can cause issues with sleep when it comes to Mental Health.

Shutting off your brain. 

This is truly the most popular. When you are not able to release your stress during the day, your body often attempts to release this stress while you are trying to sleep. This causes the overthinking and the feeling of not being asleep. During this as well people can also clench their teeth, leading to jaw soreness and headaches.

Serotonin Levels 

I have talked about serotonin many times in my blog posts. It is that happy hormone. So I have discussed that you need a healthy happy gut to be able to utilize serotonin. You also need this hormone to make Melatonin. It is the Sleep hormone. Ensuring you have the proper diet that is supporting conversion of serotonin, and getting proper sun exposure or full spectrum lighting will help keep your serotonin up during the day, and help with conversion at night.

Electronic Exposure

There is a lot of people who watch TV before bed, play a video game, read on their phone or tablet. This does a couple of things to the body. It exposes the body to EMF, which can cause some imbalances to the body. It also exposes the body to an imbalance of light. For our body to start producing that sleep hormone Melatonin, our body needs to be exposed to the dark, and it will slowly start to build up. When we are in front of the TV or the screen, it prolongs melatonin.

What can you do?

Release your stress

Meditation, yoga, tai chi, any kind of fitness or work out. This will help create happy endorphins in the body but will help relieve that stress before you go to bed. This will help shut off that brain and relax. There is also needs to be a balance between melatonin and your cortisol levels.

Proper Diet 

You need a properly balanced diet, to help make serotonin, and ensure you have a healthy gut. I suggest working with an RHN to help achieve this.

Essential Oils

There are many essential oils that can help support your feelings of stress, as well help promote rest.


Ensure you are getting adequate exposure to the sun during the day, this will help with feeling happy. Also, it helps decrease the tiredness throughout the day. Ensure you are not exposed to so many electronics at night. Try to do meditation, or read before bed.

If you feel that you have tried all these things and there still seems to be an issue there may be an imbalance with another body system. I recommend working with an RHN to help you pinpoint your next steps. Contact for FREE consultations.

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