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5 way to Increase Energy after Sleepless Nights


Energy, What we call Crave!

Sleep, it is something that I feel is the base of all health. When we sleep our body goes through a natural Rest and Repair process. During this process our bodies naturally detox. But honestly, how many of us are getting the proper amount of uninterrupted sleep? Rarely! Without this proper amount of sleep, our bodies struggle with getting back to the base to restart the day. Not to mention we are tired AF.

Shout out to my fellow mothers out there. We get the newborn stage where the babies don’t sleep and it feels like we need to sleep for 2 months and we still wouldn’t have enough sleep. Then finally get them to start sleeping through the night, but for the first little while your body still just wakes you up. Its been about 6 months finally starting to adjust and them BAM! They never want to sleep again. Worse then newborn. Then there are the moms that have 2+ children and anytime you get one to sleep the other won’t sleep. ARG.

Grey Hairs… bags under eyes… Coffee… wheres the COFFEE?

When we are in this state our poor body can’t function properly and can lead to an imbalance with hormones, as well as a whole other host of issues. I know struggling with my Mental health I need to get my sleep if not, I am not able to be so mindful towards people. But Always reaching for that coffee can lead to further stress on the body.

So what can we do to increase energy?

  • Maca root: Powder or liquid. Either is ok, the liquid would be absorbed the quickest. This will help balance your hormones, as well as give you an abundance of energy.
  • Essential Oils: Citrus oils and Peppermint EO are amazing for waking up the body and the mind. doTERRA is the oils that I use and trust. Learn More
  • Matcha– condensed powered green tea, this has amazing calming properties to it as well but provide amazing energy. Put in smoothies or drink warm.
  • Yoga- When you are so lack in sleep you need to do something for yourself. You can’t take care of anyone else before yourself. Yoga has amazing benefits to help wake the body up and a great way to start the day.
  • Proper Nutrition- Yes this one is KEY when you are lacking in sleep your body can be in a higher acid state. You need all of those extra nutrients to keep you going. No sugar crashes.

This is something I know all too well. These are just some of the tips that I include in the programs that I design for busy women and moms. If you are struggling and are looking for help, set up a Free Consultation to learn how Holistic Nutrition can help you.



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