All About Me.

Hi, there!

I am Jenna, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and Children’s Yoga Instructor by day, and a Meditator, DIY Queen by night. Superhero mother of 4 boys (2 of which are my dog and husband). I love a good board game, some essential oils and a nice glass of wine.

-Where it Began-

I was that child that was socially awkward. I never really knew what to do, or how to act other than trying to desperately seek some form of attention. I had a lot of rage and anger that was built up, that I had no idea how to express properly. I always felt that I was never being heard, or that no one was ever listening to me. Did anyone really care? I often took my frustrations out on my loved ones, or sometimes complete strangers.

Later in life, this developed strong feelings of being lost, thoughts that no one really cares about me, or ever listens to me. Feeling like I can’t do this, there is too much to do. Thinking I was the worse parent in the world and my husband was going to divorce me. Not able to go outside without the fears of “what if I get in a car accident, or what if a plane falls out of the sky and hits my child?” *short breathing, chest tightening, panicking*

Sound familiar? This was me, these were my thoughts plus thousands more on a daily basis. Went to 4 different counselors, I was even told to “get over it” by one of them. Started medication, which helped a little bit, took some of the edges off but still didn’t make me feel like me.


-My Journey-

All my life, I strived to help people in any way, but I never knew which way. It wasn’t until I had children who had health concerns that it all seemed clear. Shortly after my children were born I was diagnosed with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) which was developed in my early childhood. Followed by the more recent diagnoses of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD).

Many years with Big Brothers Big Sisters and Victim Services, it left me feeling helpless to some degree. How was it I could only do so much for these people including myself. It was clear that there was a crack that some people were slipping through that needed something more.

It was then when my path crossed with a dear friend who opened my eyes up to the world of holistic nutrition and therapeutic grade essential oils. It was from that day forward that my life changed forever and where my story truly begins.


Now-Wellness was created by Holistic Nutritionist Jenna Gallagher. Jenna Struggled with her Mental Health with the majority of her childhood. With not getting the proper help until well into her twenties, it was then she knew things had to change.

Jenna provides children with the proper education on nutrition as well as helps teach children about a mind, body, spirit connection. She also teaching Children’s Yoga several times a week, to show the importance of movement and mindfulness.  Jenna also helps coach busy moms with their nutrition, as well as provides weekly guided meditations to help combat stress and anxiety.

To help embrace the total mind, body, spirit connection, Jenna offers AromaTouch Techniques Massage. Which is an essential Oil Application to help promote overall wellness. This technique is approximately 40 minutes long and is offered to both Adults and Children.

Jenna helps women and children who are where she once was. This is where Jenna’s Story Truly Begins.