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Boosting Your Metabolism- Here’s How

By January 14, 2019Busy Moms, Nutrition

Please be Simple- Am I Right!?

A lot of people are focused on improving their metabolism, in hopes to slim down. A lot of people are not overly concerned with their digestion. The thing is, the first step in your metabolism is digestion. If you are not able to digest your food properly your body is unable to metabolize the nutrients that are in the foods.

Digestion is how the body breaks down the food into nutrients the metabolism is when your body’s cells are able to take those nutrients and utilize them properly. So you can focus on metabolism all you want. But without proper digestion, your body will never have the full amount of nutrients out of its food.

There so so many fancy pills and drinks out there that claim to improve metabolism. But really, what are they doing? Here’s what you need to know.

So where does it all start?

The Mouth

The Mouth is the first step of the digestion process, just using our teeth to chew the food into a paste. We need it to be into a paste as this allows the stomach acid to fully break down into nutrients. However, when we are swallowing whole pieces of food, this puts a strain on our stomach. This often leads to a lack of digestion and lack of metabolism. The second thing the mouth provides is its saliva. The Saliva contains enzymes that help break down the starches in our food. So the longer you choose your starches the better they will be broken down.

The Stomach

The stomach is truly amazing. It releases stomach acid to help break down the food paste even more. This is also where the gallbladder and liver play a role as well as they produce concentrated bile that helps break down the fats. This is where you want your food to become a liquid before moving onto the intestines. The stomach also churns the food to help with digestion. This is where some people may have a burning sensation if there is not an adequate amount of stomach acid.

The Intestines

This is where the absorption is or aka the Metabolism kicks in. The nutrients are absorbed and sent to different parts of the body, such as the liver to be filtered. Some people have a very poor gut lining which can lead to Leaky gut (which is a whole other topic). This can lead to nutrients being lost, and not fully absorbed.

When our body is not absorbing the nutrients properly you will start to notice and feel a difference. You will start to notice you are tired more, you are not as strong physically and emotionally, you may notice brain fog, it can also cause your hormones to be out of balance, this all can lead to deficiencies, weight gain, and much more.

Now that really is only just skimming the top of digestion, as it is an entire study in itself.

Steps to Take to Improve Digestion and Metabolism

  1. Chew your food to a paste
  2. Avoid drinking lots of fluids with your meals- Dilutes Stomach acid
  3. Avoid drinking cold fluids before and during meals- diverts stomach acid away from the stomach.
  4. Increase fermented foods
  5. Avoid processed foods
  6. Apple Cider Vinegar or Lemon Juice Diluted and drank a half hour before meals or make a dressing top food.
  7. Physical Activites
  8. Eat foods with natural digestive enzymes such as papaya and pineapples
  9. Do not overeat
  10. Supplement – Talk to your professional

As a busy mom, I totally understand how overwhelming these 10 steps can seem. I wouldn’t recommend trying to do all 10 right off the top. I would recommend starting with a couple and mastering them before you add a couple more.

If you are that busy mom that is looking for help when it comes to nutrition and looking for simple steps that you can take to better yourself and your families life check out my Busy mom’s Nutrition page. I am here to help.


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