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Circle Of Nuture

    LIABILITY DISCLAIMER AND NOTICES: PLEASE READ CAREFULLY A. I individually and as a parent and/or guardian of the minor child identified above hereby acknowledge the following notices and grant to Now-Wellness and Circle Studio the following release from liability: I acknowledge and fully understand that I, or my child, will be engaging in physical activity that may involve some risk or injury. I acknowledge and have been advised that it is my responsibility to consult with my child’s physician with respect to any past or present injury, illness, health problem or any other condition or medication that may affect my child’s participation. I assume the foregoing risks and assume full personal responsibility for any personal injuries, sustained by me or my child, which might incur as a result of participating in this program, and discharge and hold harmless Now-Wellness and Circle Studio, its owner, directors, members, employees, and agents from any claim, cause of action or liability for damages arising from any personal injury to my child or other persons or property caused by myself or my child’s participation in Kids Yoga or Toddlers Yoga at Circle Studio and Now-Wellness. B. I also understand that the materials provided are for those participants of the program only. I understand this program will focus on empowerment, nutrition, health & wellness topics for Children. I understand classes will be held at Circle Studio (4215 Petrolia Line, Petrolia).
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