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Dairy, and how it affects my kids

By March 4, 2016Nutrition

Dairy, where does it rank in your house?

Dairy can have many adverse affects on people who have an allergy. As most of you have probably already see, it is such a controversial topic on the internet now a days. I’m not going to really get into the information about the antibiotics, or how they are raised. I’m going to talk about me, my kids and our allergies.

In my last post, I spoke about my allergies and how they have had a huge impact on my life; my kids also fall into this subject as well. No I didn’t go out and pay a couple of hundreds of dollars to find out what foods they are allergic to, and what their bodies can’t digest. However it most definitely doesn’t take rocket science to figure it out. Like me, my sons can’t not process dairy, from what aspect of dairy I am not sure. I am allergic to casein which is a protein found in cows milk, and I am just allergic to dairy in general.

It was when my son turned one that we switched him over to 3% homogenized milk, as per recommended by doctors. It was then that my son was always sick. He developed eczema, had a constant runny nose and bad congestion, stomach cramp, gas and most of all he had a constant ear infection. This made it very difficult to attend work because my husband and I were either at the Dr. office or in the hospital with the little guy. He was put on puffers, and all these different creams, just so we could keep these things under control.

I took it upon myself to start looking into why this was happening to my son. It was devastating, not only to watch my little guy in pain but not to get answers as to why he was always sick, and had an ear infection once a month. My answer was good old fashion “Google”. I found so many articles relating to all of my son symptoms and dairy. I had made up my mind and took him off dairy and put him on soy milk, later to find out that its really not the best substitute. So I switched him to almond milk. My husband who is a sceptic by heart, was leery on the idea and didn’t think that milk could have this kind of effects on our son.

Approximately 2.5 percent of children younger than three years of age are allergic to milk.¹

Just one short week had pasted and no calls from daycare saying he was running a fever of 101, and there was no screaming from stomach cramps, and for the first time in his life his stools were starting to actually form. (Sorry TMI.) I was amazing and my husband was starting to believe me and took it upon himself to start researching the information as well, and found the same information I had previously found. A couple months had past and our son congestion had not come back, he hadn’t had another ear infection, and his skin was smooth. Hallelujah! Luckily we now live in a world that have so many alternatives for milk, such as coconut cream, coconut milk, and soya. Check out your health food section in your local grocery store.

In holistic nutrition they like to point out to people that skin irritations and break outs are usually a good sign from your gut saying, “Hey, I don’t like what you are putting in me.” Luckily my son skin was clearing up once we cut out the dairy from his diet. However to this day, we can defiantly see the signs when he has had dairy in his system, he becomes super gassy, and complains his belly hurts and within the day his back and shoulders will be completely broke out in eczema.

“People don’t really know how good they are suppose to feel in their own bodies”

Someone once told me me that quote, and I believe that 100% especially if you are getting these types of symptoms at such a young age. Most would just assume that was just natural; how many of us live with these types of conditions and think that its a normal way of life.Listen to your body, so you too know how good it feels to live in your own body. Trust me, once you know what how good it feels, you will not want to go back. Have any of you had to remove dairy from their diet? If so comment below and tell us why and how you removed it.

Things you should look for if you feel you or your children are allergic to dairy would be: constant congestion/ runny nose, bad stomach pains and gas, diarreha, bloating and continuous flare ups of eczema.


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