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We Don’t Believe in New Year Resolutions- Here’s Why

By January 3, 2019Busy Moms

Ditch the Resolutions

First off, resolve means to find solutions to a problem. You are NOT a Problem. You are a busy mom, and us mom’s do not need anything else to be added to our plates for another year. Like really, who has the time to focus on 5 more things or even 1 more thing? I surely don’t.

Dieting is usually one of the number one things that are on a resolution. But there really is so much science behind why diets are intended to fail. Even if the goal is met so many people stop following the largely restrictive diet and go back to their original ways, and are usually are back to the way they were at the beginning of the year. Unlike the N5Diet. Check out more here.

Where’s the Love?

But really though? How often do we look in a mirror and say ” Damn Girl you are looking AMAZING today!”? Because to be honest it surely doesn’t happen in my house as often as it should.

How often do we really take the time to do something for ourselves? Something that actually makes us feel good? Never? Once a Month? I totally get it. I was one of those moms that never took the time for myself and I ended up in a mess. Something as simple as the scrambled eggs didn’t scramble the way I thought they would and I would lose my ever-loving mind.

Who is that fair too?

As I look back at 2018, it was a time of reflection… really. I reflected on myself more, and I loved myself more. Was there a day that I forgot to show up? Heck yes, there was. But did that make me a failure? No! I started to find out who I really was.

Some people have this thought that Self-care needs to be this hour-long massage, followed by a mani-pedi, followed by a girls night out and then ending at home with no kids… Like, let’s talk about reality for a second. That would be totally amazing but if that could happen like once a year we would be lucky.

What to do?

Self-care doesn’t need to be a full day ordeal. It really is just doing something small for yourself, showing up for yourself, and being yourself. Sitting in your favorite spot in your home and taking a few deep breaths. Taking that long bubble bath, or the extra long shower. Putting makeup on in the morning, or not to put makeup on in the morning.

Some of my favorite things of 2018 were Affirmations, Yoga, and Meditation. What are Affirmations? Something that you tell yourself: I am beautiful, I am strong, I am willing, I am determined, I am enough. Say these things to yourself in the mirror. It will feel awkward AF, but really it a way to train our brains into positivity.

Yoga, Now I started to teach children’s yoga at the end of the year. This is how I got my yoga in. But really Youtube is full of so many short mini clips of yoga that you can do for yourself in a 5 minute period before bed.

Finally, Meditation. My all-time favorite. I love to meditate. I have been meditating for approximately 5 years now. There is an amazing app called Insight Timer. I highly recommend this app to everyone. You can’t say. I don’t have the time. Because the best thing is, that they have 1 minute long meditations that are made for everything from relaxation to sleeping. I love to turn this on as I’m laying down for bed as it helps clear my mind and sets me up for an amazing sleep.

Highly recommend you looking into your area for meditation groups. I teach Meditation weekly at our local Studio- Circle Studio. However, there are so many other local studios that offer such amazing programs.


The way that you showed up for your life this past year, was necessary for your growth. Now, it is time to reflect and to learn. It is time to create intentions, a positive call to shift, a spark of magic + manifestation, rooted in self-love and backed with action.

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