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But I don’t Like Salads- Here’s What to do.

By January 24, 2019Busy Moms, Nutrition

Does this sound like you or your child?

I hear this more often than not. It’s too bitter, I don’t like the taste, I don’t eat anything green… Or it is followed with “well, the only way that I will eat a salad is with lots of croutons, lots of unhealthy dressing, and absolutely no other vegetables.”

I totally understand where you are coming from. I use to be like this too. I never like a good ol’ healthy salad. The only way I would eat one is if it was a caesar salad with lots of bacon, croutons, and extra dressing. It was really defeating the purpose of eating a salad. But it was the only way that I would eat it. At the time I thought I was being super healthy. It wasn’t until I went through school that I started to realized well… maybe it’s not the healthiest.

Why does it Taste so bitter?

This is most often the reason why people don’t eat greens of any sort. Our taste buds are funny things. Our processed foods have so many salts and preservatives added, that it actually changes our taste buds. So when we eat something that is healthy for us, it often will give us an off taste. We need to cleanse our tongue of all of the processed food and slowly start reintroducing our healthy foods back into our diets.

Why do we need to eat our greens?

Ahh… My kids use to say this to me all the time. However, I have been able to successfully reintroduce greens back into their diets and now they LOVE salads. Greens are full of vitamins and minerals. Such as our B- Vitamins. These vitamins are crucial for our mental health, digestion, inflammation, and processing our proteins.

To make the feel-good happy hormones that we all so desperately need and want in our lives, we need the nutrients from these greens. They are also full of Vitamin C which is a key vitamin for boosting our immune system. They are an amazing source of calcium, which not only helps with building our strong bones, but it is needed to help alkalize the bone and neutralize acids.

They are super rich in folate, which is a B-Vitamin that helps with your cellular health and helping with energy. Also, it is an amazing source of Vitamin-K which is crucial when it comes to your blood health. It also helps promote wound healing and helps support healthy bones.

So what Can I do?

When you are first starting out. I’m not going to recommend sitting down with some raw greens and chow down. Let’s face it, it won’t happen. You need to start out with baby steps for both yourself and your child.

Hide the Greens

Ok, I know there is some nutritionist out there that will give their own speel about how this is not good because we should be teaching our children why we need to eat the greens and etc. However, some kids will literally sit there and will refuse to eat unless they are given something to eat. We need to work with them. Like I mentioned earlier, to them, it most likely tastes terrible. It will have a bitter taste to it.

What I liked to do with my family when introducing super healthy greens such as Kale, spinach, and swiss chard, was to hide it. I would take my food processor, and add a little water (not much) and make it into a puree. Then I would divide it up into little baggies and freeze it. When we would have soup, pasta, chili, or anything that had a sauce. I would add a package of my greens. The kids never even knew it was in there.

You can even add a package to some of your baked goods, and just subtract some of the liquids.

Slightly Cooked

This is another good trick is to saute them down. Not for a super long time. But this helps break down the proteins, making it easier to digest, but it also brings out some of the sweetness.

The Salad

If you are the one that can eat the green but they must be topped with all of the extras such as bacon, croutons, and the extra unhealthy dressing. That is OK. If it came down to you eating a salad with all of that, or not eating one at all. I will recommend to still eat the salad the way you can.

Mind you I don’t recommend to stay on this route. I encourage to slowly make better changes. Add seeds and nuts instead of croutons, but slowly cut them out. Slowly remove the bacon completely. Lastly, work your way up to making your own dressing. There are so many healthier choices for dressings on the shelves now that you can work your way towards making your own.

Its Tricks like these that I help busy moms with. I totally understand how it is to be a busy mom with 2 kids. Sometimes you need a simple easy fix. I help teach moms about the labels, brands, and nutrients that will help support their child as well as themselves. If you are looking for that next step check out my Born to be Me Born to be Free. 

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