Are you a survivor of sexual assault? Have you ever felt like you need a change but don’t know where to start? Tired of your Life Controlling you? Do you feel like you’re ready to take your life to the next level?  Ready to take a Front Row Seat?

Created by Survivors for Survivors

Feeling like your whole world has been ripped from your hands. Stumbling trying to put it back together. Ridden to the bed or chair, life feels hopeless, all feelings of happiness and joy completely vanished…Feeling worthless. No sense of purpose. Why me?

Unable to go to the store alone, struggling with the nightmares. Tightness in the chest, hard to catch my breath. The words are lost, stolen.

Not able to go to work, not able to smile, the pictures reappearing in my head. Feeling alone. Am I enough?

Sound Familiar? Want to regain that control back in your life. Feelings of happiness and joy? Begin your true story.

Join us for an 8 week program that will build you up from the roots and guide you to unleash your true power.

Designed around the 7 Chakra system, Empowered Life combines wellness practices with practical experience to teach you how to rebuild your confidence, balance your life and speak your

Feeling a deep sense of connection with the universe. Learning to aline yourself with your truer higher self. Taking the path of self-discovery, through your own personal development.

Empowered to get out of bed and redefine your future. The ability to catch your breathe and speak your truths.

This is your Story and your Story begins Now.

What can I expect?

Balance Your Chakras

Chakra translates to “wheel”. You primarily have 7 chakras that are aline up the center of the body. Starting from the base of the spine to the top of your head. Each chakra is distinct energy centers. They regulate all parts of your body systems including your emotional state.

There are different techniques that you are able to do to help allow the chakras to open, become balanced and aligned. If they become blocked, overactive or out of sync, this can negatively impact your physicaly and emotional health.

We will be diving deep into each chakra, focusing on a new chakra each week. Learning how each chakra can affect your life and what steps to take to balance your life and chakras.

Nutritional Support

Nourish to Flourish

When it comes to our mental health we need to ensure we are fueling our bodies with the most nutrient-dense foods. This is key to keeping our moods stable.

Each week we will be focusing on a new set of foods that balance not only your chakras but your moods.

To make our happy hormones we need to make sure we are getting a proper balance in our nutrients. We will teach you what nutrients are key for balancing your moods and providing you the most energy.

By focusing on a whole foods diet, it allows that body to properly digest and utilize each aspect of the food.

Providing an in-depth education on the proper nutrition to fuel your body.

Mindfulness & Meditation


The purpose of meditation is to bring your focus to the present moment, being less focused on the future or past. We are so caught up that we forget to observe what is going on around us.

How many times have you taken the same path either going to work or going to the store that one day you suddenly realize that something changed, or a house was built? This happens because we are so focused on other things rather than the task at hand. We have been made to become so good at multi-tasking that we forget to stop and smell the roses.

During the meditation, you get to sit on the floor and just follow my voice and instruction. By focusing on the present moment it helps alleviate stress, anxiety, fears, and worries.

Daily Card Readings

Your Divine Guidance

Oracle or Angel cards have been used for centuries as a divination tool to get further connected with the Universe. Unlike Tarot which has cards such as Death, Oracle cards they are based on positive messages meant to help us confidently make decisions while maintaining love and light.

Read in the morning these cards will help you navigate your day. Whether the message plays into your life on a body, mind or spiritual level the Oracle will offer another layer of self-awareness and guidance on your journey.

The daily Oracle readings in this program will give insight to what energies are at play in this time, how to identify if they are in or out of balance, and ways to bring the energy into balance if you are off.

Moon Phases

Light up your Life

There is a global understanding that the Moon has a strong influence over water. With the body being made of 70% water it isn’t a far leap of faith to understand that it plays a role in our personal lives and the energies that surround us.

Included in this program is a crash course to understanding the main moon phases and how they play a role in your wellness. You will be updated as the moon phases change and how you can utilize the energy for bringing in the good, pushing out the bad, harnessing moon energy to power up your life, meditations, crystals or even your drinking water.

By the end of the 8-week program, you will be confident in not only how to do basic moon readings but also have practices already in your memory bank for future use.

So are you ready to take back control of your life? Ready to live a Kick-Ass life, while Mastering your Happiness? Ready not be held down by stress, fears, and worries?

Empowered Life Series

Starting May 5, 2019

Three Payments of


Payment Options Available

  • Chakra Test
  • Daily affirmations and Oracle Readings
  • Weekly yoga poses and Guided Meditations
  • Nutritional Support
  • Moon phase readings
  • Essential oil Education
  • Weekly Work Sheets
  • Live online Q&A sessions with program creators
  • Much much more!

The Creators

Jenna Gallagher

Owner Now-Wellness

Co-Creator Empowered Life Series

Jenna is a wife and a mom of 2 amazing little boys. She Grew up in the country on a farm.

Struggling her whole life with mental health with not getting the proper help until her twenties. She knew things had to change. She set the course of self-healing. She started on medication and seeing counselors but it still wasn’t enough.

It wasn’t until she took a holistic approach to life that she started to notice the change. The feeling that life mattered once again. Feeling a sense of self-discovery and passion once again.

Jenna and Vanessa Created this program using the tools and resources that they used along their healing journey.

You too can create your story, and your story can start now.

Vanessa Courchaine

Co-Creator Empowered Life Series


Vanessa is a busy mom of an amazing little boy, who keeps her going and give her the drive she needs to succeed in life.

Vanessa also struggled with mental health for the majority of her life. Being at her wit’s end Vanessa knew something had to change. She started her own journey of self-healing and discovery.

She always knew she wanted to help others in non-traditional ways. Vanessa has a background in creative arts and culinary, as well as, she has taken spiritual courses to help ignite her passion.

Vanessa joined Jenna in the creation of the Empowered life series to help give people the tools and resources that have helped her and continues to guide her.