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Help! I Have a Picky Eater- Simple Steps for Success


They won’t eat ANYTHING!

Mom’s don’t fret! I hear ya! I went through it with my boys and some days I still do. It really is all about balance. Remember you didn’t get here overnight. It also won’t be overnight that your child is miraculously eating a Kale and Spinach Salad for lunch either.

We all have good intentions when we start out as moms,  only the best of the best. Breastfed, homemade food, no junk food or processed food. Which eventually turns into the bottles and formula, store-bought food, and the occasional McDonalds™ Happy Meals®.  Why? Because it’s convenient. We all need sanity sometimes.

It is really ok!  don’t beat yourself up over the shoulda-coulda-woulda. Just know that it will take some time to reverse your step backs to healthier eating.

But they will starve

This is something I hear all too often. I don’t want to say that they won’t starve themselves because that is not my area. However, most kids after a while will eat something.

Why won’t they eat it? They use too.

It is funny what additives, preservatives and iodized salt can do to our taste buds. We will start to develop a bitter taste towards greens or healthy foods. Hense the reason why our kids don’t like the taste of it. Even if they once loved it. Its no wonder they don’t like the taste of “real” food

It needs to be a slow process of introducing them back into their diet so they don’t get such a hard bitter taste to the foods.

How can I get them to eat healthy foods?

This is where you have to dig out your imagination, and put on your apron. We want to avoid buying the processed food so we need to get handy in the kitchen.

I have recipes that almost every kid will love, such as Chocolate muffin/ Cupcakes that are made with chickpeas, and Energy bites that taste like chocolate macaroon cookies.

Hide the food in the food

When it comes down to it, we need to hide the food in our foods. Slowly start getting them to consume all these amazing foods.

With your leafy green and really any of your vegetables. Throw them in your food processor, add a little water and blend up. Add a scoop or two into your dishes. This is super easy to do in sauces such as pasta, meatloaf, meatballs, Chilli etc. You can divide your extras into ice cube trays freeze them. Ready when you are!

Another great way is to make “Milkshakes” aka smoothies. Use your blended mixture and add this into something that you know they will drink up.

Best way to start is to stick with recipes that you make that you know your kids will eat. Gradually adding more into the mixture.

Next Steps

This can be overwhelming at first. Sometimes kids can develop an imbalance in one of their body systems from the food that they have consumed. A great way to know this is working with a professional such an RHN- Registered Holistic Nutritionist.

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