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Improper Chewing and What it Can Lead to

By May 28, 2018Nutrition

Chew your Food, don’t Inhale it.

Who else heard that growing up? I swear it was something that I heard all the time. I grew up eating super fast as if there wasn’t enough food for all of us. Or as if this was going to be the last time I ate in weeks. Neither of which were true, its just how we ate. I still find myself eating terribly fast some days.

Burping, blenching, passing gas, farting, indigestion, bloating? Sound familiar? You can experience some or even all of these symptoms from not chewing your food properly. How crazy is that?

Why chew your food?

Aside from the obvious choking on your food, there is a series of issues that can arise from not chewing properly.

Swallowing air

Improper Digestion in the Stomach

Digestion in Intestines

Irritation of Gut Lining ⇒ Leaky Gut ⇒ Immune Response

Improper Bowel movement

Swallowing air

When chewing fast and not chewing your food to a paste you end up swallowing air. This can result in the gassiness. Both burping and farting.

Improper Digestion in the stomach
If you didn’t know, we have digestive enzymes in our saliva. This starts the breakdown process of the starches. Not to mention our teeth are needed to make our food into a paste. When we hurry through this step, our food stays in the whole form, and the breakdown process is not started.

This ends up making more work for the stomach, as it now has to try and break down the food into a liquid state and start the separation of nutrients. Pair this with not enough stomach acid the undigested food starts to move to your gut to continue with the digestion.

Digestion in the Intestines

Your gut does a lot of digestion of nutrients. But by this point, the food should be fully broke down. However, this isn’t the case when we don’t chew our food properly which leads to irritation of the gut lining. This also can lead to bloating.

Irritation of the Gut Lining

Since we are not supposed to have whole food particles in our gut lining, they can be easily irritating. When your gut becomes irritated it starts gut permeability, what we call Leaky Gut

This can cause a whole host of issues. Small food particles and food proteins start to enter the bloodstream. This triggers an immune response. Our body begins to think it’s being attacked. This is where people can have Chronic Inflammation

Improper Bowel Movements. 

People often can start to experience sudden loose stools and constipation, being diagnosed with IBS

Just the beginning

Really this is just the beginning. It can seem like the most simple, but in reality, it is one of the most crucial steps. If you are ready to take the next step in your life and take a Holistic Journey if you are Ready for the Freedom. Contact me today to set up your Free Consultation.

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