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Lavender, and the ways it can help


Lavender essential oil tips and uses

Lavender essential oil is my saviour, why? As we all know by this point, I love my essential oils and they are used on a daily basis in my house. One thing people have a hard time with when it comes to essential oils is, how on earth do I use these. Our brains are so programmed to think “hey I have a headache, let’s take Tylenol” or “what do I have in my drug cupboard to help with this discomfort.” It just second nature to most of our brains now, not think of natural ways to go about supporting our bodies. Well, that is what I LOVE doing the most. I love helping people and educating people in the best ways to help get on the natural path of life and one way of doing that is through essential oils.

Now I can go on for years if you’d like,  about what essential oils are amazing more. However, I doubt you have the time for that right now. I will start off with one of my all time favorite essential oils, that I use every single day. When people first crack open one of our bottles of Lavender essential oils, they are normally blown away from how amazing it smells, even the people who think they don’t like lavender. There are so many synthetics out there that have clouded our sense of smell, that we don’t know how something is truly supposed to smell.

So, what is the first thing that I use lavender essential oil for? My kids. Lavender essential oil is used in Aromatherapy as a nervine and a calmative*, aka: calms the nerves. As most of you can attest with young children, trying to get them to calm down before bed is sometimes more than a chore. I love to add a couple drops to some Epsom salts and add it to their bath, to set the tone for the rest of the night.  Another reason why I enjoy using in the bath with them, as it is used in aromatherapy to be applied topically to help relieve minor skin irritations*, if you don’t know both my children have super sensitive skin and get many skin irritations regularly, this has helped their skin on so many levels. To add to bedtime routine I like to add a drop onto the pillow or put a few drops into our diffuser to help disperse the aroma around the room, allowing my children to reap the benefits for hours.

It is that time of year, the sun is hot and the kids are running around outside letting off all the steam, which help burns off all that extra energy. However, it is also the time of year for bugs and sunburns and all sorts of cuts. Lavender is used in aromatherapy to relieve cuts and burns, being applied topically*. How awesome is that? I have spray bottles and roll on bottles already pre-made with Lavender and fractionated coconut oil, for all of those owies, booboos, and burns. You can even mix some aloe vera, lavender essential oil, and the fractionated coconut oil into a spray bottle to help with the burns, allowing a touch-free application.

A couple other amazing things that Lavender is amazing for are:

-used in aromatherapy to relieve as a carminative and antispasmodic for symptomatic relief of digestive discomfort.*

-Used in aromatherapy for symptomatic relief of acne and boils.*

Not only do I love using it in my kiddo’s nightly routine, I love using it my nightly routine as well. I use lavender essential oil in my bath at night paired with Epsom salts, baking soda, a large glass of cool water, and a good book. Followed by in my DIY face moisturizer and to top off the night I add it into my diffuser while I sleep. Not to mention that it is pretty much in every first aid kit that I own.

Have you ever wanted to take your health and wellness to the next holistic level, but just don’t know how and or where to start? Feel free to check out my essential oil page, request free samples and or contact me at any time to learn more about essential oils and the brand that I use and trust.

*Claim is approved for this natural health product. Reference Lavender NPN80061038

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