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A Letter to the Family and Friends- Mental Health Awareness

By February 28, 2018Mental Health

“Wow! They are being a complete A-Hole”

Something that I have heard all too often when it comes to family and friends. From both the standpoint that there is a known Mental Health issue or an undiagnosed Mental health issue.

The problem is when there is a mental Health concern, the person struggling often doesn’t have control and or the ability to regulate their emotions. This Often leads to comments and people think they are coming across as snarky, rude, or ignorant. When the other person thinks that they said the comment normally.

One in four Canadians will have at least one anxiety disorder in their lifetime

I know from a personal standpoint that I struggled most of my childhood from my mental health illness, and it went undiagnosed. I heard I was out of control, anger issues, mouthy, ignorant, rude, basically anything you can think of. But in reality, I suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder and struggled to regulate my emotions.

One of the things I want to walk about is when these things happen, and the rage is out of control, sometimes the person is unable to control their anger, their thoughts, and their words. If you become offended, please know that often times that it isn’t their intention. Often times they don’t know they offend anyone and feel that they have been hurt. They can’t see both sides of the coin.

One in five chances of having a mental illness in your lifetime in Canada.

People with Mental Health issues, often times have a hard time keeping up with relationships. Please know that it is not necessarily your wrongdoings that have sent them into a tailspin.

I strongly encourage you to help encourage them in getting help if your loved one has not yet been diagnosed. As gently as possible. If you have a friend or family member who already has been diagnosed, I encourage you to stay patient, don’t take things to heart. Yes, things can hurt and doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have repercussions. Please know that most of us are trying.

Nutrition has been a life-changing aspect of my life and can be for you as well. If you or a loved one is struggling with Mental Health Please Reach out. I am always here. Check out my Freedom Ready Programs.

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