What is Loyalty Rewards Program?

The Loyalty Rewards Program is a monthly program the dŌTERRA has set up for their customer to be able to earn FREE products. This is a great way to overhaul your whole house to get rid of chemicals and to be able to purchase your normal monthly items.

By signing up you will start to receive 100% of your shipping back in point, as well as you will earn 10% back on order over 50PV (point value). At 4 months of being on the LRP program, you will be moved up to earning 15%, at 7 months you will earn 20%, at 10 months you will earn 25% and 13 months you will start to earn 30% back. How amazing is that? So just for your first month, you will receive $15 in points back.

There is also another key thing to keep in mind. If you have your order set for 125pv before the 15th of each month you will receive a free product of the month.

There is NO contract and you can cancel at any time. Keep in mind if you don’t place a 50PV order that month you will only receive points back on your shipping. You must place a 5pv order a Month to stay on the program, keep your current points and to keep your % of points back.

How Do I set up my LRP?

Step 1

Step 2

You need to Log into your Back office, at mydoterra.com and use your ID and Password that was sent to you in your first emails from doterra.

Once you are logged in you will be on your “shop” Tab if not you will see it located at the top and click it.

As you can see from the image to the right. There are 2 options you will need to click either US or Canada. Some products are not available in Canada and at that point, you would need to choose US. Or if you Live in US your options will be US.

You will want to note that the prices from the US are around 20% cheaper, and do not have taxes and or customs. The Prices, for the most part, work out to being pretty close to the same with the exchange, if there is a product you wish to purchase from the US.

Once you have chosen a country, you will need to click
Create New LRP Template

Step 3

Step 4

You will now need to choose a date that you would like your order to be taken from your card and processed.

Remember as I mentioned before if you choose before the 15th of the month and your order is over 125pv you will receive a FREE product of the month.

Now depending on when you are setting this up, only certain dates may be available. (we can change this in the future if you wish.)

You will know if everything went correctly if you see this off to the side.

So At the top of the screen, it will show Sub tabs saying Essential Oils, Wellness, Kits.

These are the tabs you can click on to search for the products we have, and selecting an item by clicking “add to cart”

Once you are done, back to the right-hand side you will want to click “review cart”

Note: There will be a banner in the middle of the page that will highlight the sales and promotions for that month.

Step 5

Step 6

This is your cart!

You can see all the circled areas.
Ensure that your date is correct
Ensure that you Payment information is put in and is correct.
At the Bottom ensure that your shipping is what you would like, (note the different prices)
Ensure your PV is set to 50 or more to get your points back

Once everything is done you will want to click “save changes” If you click continue it will go on to process your order immediately.

You will want to set a reminder to go in every Month to Change this. If not it will be the same order every month.