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Creating Mental Health Freedom through Routine

By December 11, 2017Busy Moms, Mental Health

Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out- Robert Collier

Routine is something that is a crucial step in creating mental health freedom. But as I know and many of you know that it is so overwhelming to think of everything you want to do. I use to sit and daydream about how I wanted to live my life. I would think I would wake up, without struggling, get the kids off to school, being able to do my self-care, eat, clean the house, and be happy, without it feeling like my day was in shambles.

This is possible. Although, I once thought it was literally impossible, and that I was to far gone. This is where we need to do our self-care, regardless how hard it may seem to get up and do it. Even if it’s only 2 or 3 minutes of your time. But do it every single day at the same time, this will help to ensure that you are doing something for yourself, but it also is setting the stage for your routine.

One of the biggest things I struggled with was getting out of bed, I would sleep to the very last second, jump up frazzled rush around like a chicken with their head cut off, and then off to the bus running we went. That also set the stage for how I felt for the entire day. So I would set my alarm clock for 10 minutes earlier, and forced myself to get up, the following week I set the alarm for another 10 minutes earlier. I started to create little goals that were realistic for me to reach.

Do what you HAVE to do. Until you can do what you WANT to do – Oprah

I knew if I said I am going to do this, and set my alarm for the hour early, I wouldn’t get up and I would just hit snooze. I needed something small and attainable. A big key to being able to achieve this, is after you do something, ensure you do something for yourself. So I started opening my curtains in my bedroom as soon as I woke up. I loved looking at the sun coming into my room, it makes me feel happy. Then I would go into the bathroom and wash my face and brush my teeth, again another thing I love. I love the feeling of a freshly washed face.

Doing all of this for myself in the morning helps set the stage for a great routine. So I could tackle, getting the kids, breakfast, and lunches ready then getting them dressed and ready to catch the bus without feeling so overwhelmed. As soon as I get back into the house, I do something for myself again and that is making myself a large mug of tea.

You can not pour from an empty cup

I did the same thing when it came to my nutrition and my food, I created a routine. Struggled with even cooking food at all. If I would wait too long so that we would end up eating out or eating “convenient” food, such as chicken fingers and fries. So when it comes to your food, the rules still apply, start with just cooking, whether or not its super “healthy”, just cook something. Then slowly start changing your meals, and creating a meal plan and planning out your day.



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