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My Stress Melted Away by Doing This


It only took 40 minutes out of my day

I can be the first to say that sometimes trying to find 40 minutes out of your day can be more of the struggle than anything. Sometimes it can feel stressful in itself. But really it is less than 1 hour and when you are finished you wake up feeling like you are on cloud nine. You can do this just once a month or every couple of weeks to reset yourself.

Now, what could I possibly be talking about? What really can help my stress in a total of 40 minutes? I am talking about getting an AromaTouch Technique. This is an essential oils massage, that helps promote overall wellness.

So what does this all entail?

You get to come into this Luxurious room with a zen atmosphere, fireplace, and beautiful essence. You get to lay on your stomach for the full 40 minutes with relaxing spa music to help calm the mind. There is a specific application for each of the 8 essential oils. The essential oils are applied to the back up your spine. With fingertip touch massaged into the back and neck.

At the end of the massage, essential oils are applied to the bottoms of your feet to continue with the overall relaxing experience. Moving back to your back to finish off the final connection. The Massage is ended with a light shaking of the ankles that provides the overall body to feel a sense of vibration. This is to help promote lymphatic circulation.

What Essential Oils are used?

doTERRA Essential oils are used during the application. A team of Doctors and scientists worked together to develop the AromaTouch Techniques. They have created this so everyone could experience essential oils in a safe and effective way.

What does Aroma have to do with the overall Experience?

Our olfactory bulb or the odor receptors have a direct link to the limbic system of our brains. The limbic system of our brain is where we hold our memories and emotions. Also where our blood pressure and heart rate are regulated. That is why specific aromas can trigger recollections life events or emotions. For example, the smell of fresh baked cookies may trigger a memory or emotion of your grandmother baking when you were a child.

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