The New way to “Diet”

By Busy Moms For Busy Moms

Are you a Busy Mom? Struggling with Belly bloat, Headaches, Low energy, and Junk food cravings?

Think those things are just random annoyances you have to deal with as a woman?
But, what if I told you the foods you eat can contribute to making you feel crappy?

Really crappy!

Not to worry though…my fabulous friends Jenni + Mirna over at Naughty Nutrition
have designed a comprehensive nutrition & lifestyle program – the N5Diet
to help you figure out which foods make you feel amazing so you can
focus on those.

(Rather than a bunch of foods or food groups that you have to eliminate.)

The N5Diet doesn’t force you to avoid dairy, gluten, sugar, alcohol, or any other
trendy food group/ingredient everyone on your social fees seem to be restricting.

Two things to understand about dieting…


If you’re fed up with traditional “diet” plans and strict food rules, I hear you because I
am too!

That’s why I’m so thrilled about the N5Diet. While they’re technically still calling it a ‘diet’, they promise N5Diet is so much more.

For starters, they have committed to the following:

  • NO strict food rules or eliminating entire food groups
  • NO saying ‘no’ to a glass of wine (or two!), if that’s your jam
  • ZERO food guilt
  • And it’s NEVER going to be about counting calories – or grams of protein, or
    sugar, or carbs.


After a busy day, the last thing you feel like doing is cooking dinner for yourself, let
alone a well-thought-out, healthy, balanced meal – Am I right?!

You know the food you eat is the key to feeling great and losing those excess
pounds…but you still want your fave comfort foods and to be able to hit up your
weekly happy hour.

On top of that, your newsfeed is full of people cutting out entire food groups or
trying strict diets raving about their successes, that leave you wondering…

If you’re confused, overwhelmed, too busy to cook, or just plain tired of trying to
follow weird food rules, the N5Diet is going to be your new BFF.

Not only is N5Diet a lifestyle, but it’s also a community.

One where you’ll learn easy, sustainable steps you can take in and out of the
kitchen each day to optimize your health, nutrition, and lifestyle.

It starts with showing you how simple creating healthy, whole food meals can be –
and Naughty Nutrition shares their favourite healthy, go-to packaged foods too – for
those times when you just don’t have to time to be in the kitchen.

There are so many delicious and healthy things to eat on this plan as they’d rather
focus on everything you CAN have, rather than a long list of no-no’s. We love the way
these nutrition mavens roll!

There is MORE…

The N5Diet gives you the guidelines to optimize your health in 5 steps over 5 weeks.
And to really keep it simple, they give you an amazing cookbook jammed with 125+
recipes that require 5 ingredients or less.

(So there’s no need to spend the day food prepping or chained to your kitchen ever

Most of the recipes are plant-based too because you know you’ve got to eat your
plants girl!

But they also want you to have plenty of room for dessert (hi there chocolate!), your
fave comfort food, and even a glass of wine – or two!

So, if you’re ready to join the N5Diet community of health-seeking kickass women, head to the N5DIET page to learn how to find YOUR healthy today.

What’s Included?

  • A 5-week meal plan with a blank meal planner
  •  A 125 recipe cookbook, with each recipe made using only 5 ingredients or less (yes, even your dinners).
  • A 5-step plan that teaches you how to shop, cook, manage portion sizes, cravings.
  • A Total Body Fitness plan that takes you 30 minutes, and can be done in the comfort of your home.
  • Handouts & cheat sheets that make healthy living really easy.
  • A 10-minute yoga flow to reduce stress.
  • Videos and delicious recipe demos.

$55.00 USD