Nutritional Support

It seems like every where you turn there is a new diet, a new fad and someone telling you what vegetables to eat?

The main thing when it comes to your “diet” is whole foods.

Now when I say diet I don’t mean restricting your food, counting calories, and shaming yourself for eating some delisious craving. I mean the food that you consume.

Do you feel like you have the eating “clean” thing down, but your body is still out of balance? Often wondering what the next steps are that you should be taking?

You might just need a simple adjustment to be able to acheive your ultimate goals. Whether you need a slight adjustment in the foods that you consume or adding specific supplement.

By booking a 60-minute consultation we will be able to get you and your goals on track.

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What does a 60-Minute consultation look like?

Prior to our appointment you would fill out a pre-consultation questionair. This is an in-depth questionair that help me better understand your imbalances. This helps me know where adjustments could be made. There is also a space to ask specific questions that you would like to be answered at your appointment.

During the appointment it is all about you. We go into in-depth information that is going to best support your needs and goals. We go over foods, supplements and lifestyle adjustments that could be made. You are also given your own book with all the information that is discussed in your appointment.

Added bonus you are given an essential oil roller bottle blend that is made specifically for you and your desires.

30-Minute Consultation

$ 50

single payment
  • General Nutrition Support
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Lifesyle Guidance


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60- Minute Consultation

$ 80

Single Payment
  • In-depth Nutrition Support
  • Supplement Recommendations
  • Lifestyle Guidance
  • Essential Oil Blend
  • E-book


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