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Only Organic for my Kids- The Harsh Reality

Organic kids

Your children need, the most nutritiously dense, organic, sugar-free, non-GMO, dye free, and food that is whole, living, and natural, Right?!

Organic children are something we can all dream of and I am not going to argue with any of that. We all need to be fueling our bodies that way. However, we need to be realistic. Suffering from a mental illness, or even if you are just overly busy because you are needing to work 2+ jobs, doesn’t always make it easy. Not to mention we all don’t have the big fancy gardens or a year-round farmers market.

I suffer from PTSD, have for many years. It got a lot of worse after I had my children, at the time when most are suffering from postpartum depression. I was so concerned that my children had to have the best food, in cloth diapers, and not exposed to chemicals on any level. What parent ideally wouldn’t want that?

I often went in a vicious circle of harsh thoughts. Most days I felt confined to my chair, and I would think to myself; I have to wash 2 loads of cloth diapers and 2 loads of clothes. I have to clean the house with homemade cleaner then wash the dishes. On top of all that, make breakfast, lunch, and dinner that was organic, sugar-free, and the best for my family. I would become overwhelmed by everything and it would make my anxiety go off the charts. This often made some days almost impossible to get out of my chair. The awful thoughts didn’t stop there either, I would then start to think how horrible of a wife I was because I didn’t clean, I didn’t have dinner on the table, the diapers didn’t get washed, and our clothes were still in the dirty clothes pile.

Something had to give!

I am going to let you in on a little secret. Your child will be just fine in disposable diapers, the dishes don’t need to be done right away, and the clothes don’t need to be washed that day. Most of all, it is O.K to feed your kids junk food, sugar, take out or even a random meal from McDonald’s. They will survive, and you are NOT a bad parent because of it. During that time, my husband and I made the choice to switch to disposables and to order out on certain days. We made a cleaning chart, and I asked my husband for extra help. I had my essential oils diffusing daily to help with energy and my mood, this helped me survive most days.

Being a Holistic Nutritionist obviously makes food something that I am passionate about and I believe that it is the base for all diseases prevention. It can even help with mental illness. However, it is not going to make or break you or your children if you have the occasional take out meal. What your family needs is you. Regardless, how clean you eat, those bad days will still come and when they do know that it is ok.

Mental illness is something that is dear to my heart, and I wouldn’t want anyone to struggle through it alone. I always encourage, if you have a mental illness to seek help, whether it be your Naturopathic DR, your MD, and a counselor. If you struggle with a mental illness and you would like to take the next steps with nutrition or want to learn how essential oils can help you, feel free to contact me.

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