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How I Organized My Life as a Busy Mom- Bonus Financial Tracker

By January 21, 2019Busy Moms

How do you like to organize everything?

Are you a pen to paper kind of planner or are you fully electronic? Me, well I am both. I can’t leave the house without my phone that has one full screen as my schedule. But I also can’t walk out of the house or even wake up in the morning without my planner and calendar.

Let me tell you a secret…

I wasn’t always like that. I use to think I could just remember everything. Well, that is fine and dandy before you had other humans to look after. I brought my old habits into motherhood. With my first, I thought for sure it was going to be just as easy and just remember my schedule. Then the second baby came along, and I was determined that I was going to do it all.

That was until I had a major life and mental breakdown. I knew it couldn’t continue. So I went on a hunt to figure out what was the best solution for me. I was a visual person. I liked to have it all out in front of me, but I also liked it portable so I could easily bring it with me. Finally, I like to have my schedule up and out so that the family could see what was going on.

So what is my system?


I have a planner, I have gone through so many different planners to find which one I would actually use. Because let’s be honest, they are so beautiful. But if they are not able to function the way that I need them to, they are just wasted space in my life. Trust me on that. I have been through so many different planners, most of them I ended up throwing away at the end of the year with maybe 3 months used.

So what planner do I use? Well, yes I do run a business and take appointments but I have learned over the years that I need to literally schedule everything out,  right down to my self-care. Because if it is not scheduled in, well it just doesn’t get done. So I like a planner that has a full month laid out that the beginning of each month as a calendar. As well as each day broken down into time slots. This way I know exactly what my day is going to look like.


I like to get the Mom Ultimate calendar that you can get almost anywhere now. It is any more functional than a normal calendar? Nope. But I like that it comes with the magnetic strip that holds it on my fridge.

I like to put my entire family schedule on this, especially the school schedule. This way I know when those library books need to go back. When it’s actually pizza day and I don’t need to pack a full lunch. Or to know the days that I don’t need to rush out the door because well its a P.A.Day * Face Palm*


Well, I would say more so Google than a phone. This way I can still access my schedule from a computer if I need too. I use google for pretty much everything. I love my google calendar, the most. I have it linked as a whole screen on my phone. The reason why I love it so much and why I can’t live with just paper is…, well, I still forget almost everything, even if I just read it an hour ago. REMINDERS! Google sends reminders both to my desktop, as well as my phone.  How amazing is that? Plus I can have to set to go off multiple times. Just in case the one wasn’t enough.

Well, Guys, that is pretty much it! That is how I organize my life. Those 3 simple things. Not everyone will find using a pen an paper are useful, and some people won’t be able to coordinate electronics. That is ok, that is the gory about life. We can choose what works best for our lives. This is how it works best for me.

What about my Finances?

Yes! Glad you asked. I use good ol’ Google for that as well. Just a plain, simple, straight forward, spreadsheet. Nothing fancy, nothing over the top. Just a spreadsheet. If you are interested in my spreadsheet, that I have been able to organize an entire year of finances. Fill out the form below for your Free copy!


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