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Sugar and How it Suppresses your Immune System

By December 4, 2017Nutrition

Its the Most Wonderful Time of Year!

As we are fast approaching the holiday season, the holiday baking commences, cookie exchanges begin, the peppermint mocha in one hand pair with the hankie in the other hand.

Some of us can breeze through the winter season completely fine and raring to go. While others are stuck in bed with their blankets on, then off and then on again. Some people have really weak immune systems and need to keep their exposer to these viruses to a minimum. For the rest of us, we need to build up those immune systems.

Ensuring we have a good proper diet is really key all year round but it is crucial during the winter months when they all seem to come out. Did you know that eating sugar can suppress your immune system up to 5 hours WOW! This is why it is so important to watch what you eat.

For breakfast, if you give your child a glass of chocolate milk, then a bowl of fruit loops, or another sugary cereal, you are basically shutting down their immune system, and sending them into the incubation world of viruses… School.

Our immune system is there to help fight off any foreign invaders. We have different sets of defenders on/in our bodies such as the mucous membranes, the nose hairs, skin, tonsils. These all help catch invaders before they can fully enter our body, but they don’t stop everything. If they get in you need a healthy immune response to kick in and fight off anything before it can take hold.

Just like many establishments or computer systems, they have multiple levels of security. If they were all sleeping, or not working people could hack or take over the establishment before the security would even know.

How to Build your immune system

You are going to want to focus on some key nutrients, Vitamin A, C, E, and Selenium. These are the building blocks of our immune system and full of antioxidants, to help fight off any invaders. You will find a lot of these nutrients in dark leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and kale, or nuts such as the brazil nut. Only 3-4 brazil nuts contain your daily value.

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