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Do you want to tell your Story But have no one know that it is your story? Do you find it that writing gives you peace? Please Feel Free to submit your own* story or poem.

* Please know that this story is to be your own, as plagiarized poems, and stories will not be published.  No Personal information is required. If the rules are not followed I will not be able to contact you to tell you that it will not be published.


  1. Do Not include any Names- They will be removed before Publishing

  2. Use your own words, do not steal someone else’s poem, or story

  3. Do not include any specific addresses, businesses.

  4. Remember this is a public page and everyone will have access to this message.

  5. Know that you are not alone.

  6. If you need support Please use the Support Tab

  7. If you are in Current Crisis Please dial 911.

Tell your Story