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The Art of Hiding Food Within Food

By January 31, 2019Busy Moms, Nutrition

But I don’t like it…

How many times have you heard that one? I swear I hear that probably at least once a week. It is rather annoying. After a while, it becomes a chore and your child starts to play games with you. Sooner rather than later it seems like the only thing they will eat is mac and cheese and hot dogs. Sound about right!?

One thing we try to eat once a week in this house is fish. Now there is 2 of us in the house that claims that they don’t like fish. One of them being myself. Now, I have got much better with this, and I have started to come up with some pretty amazing recipes that I actually enjoy. But the other person is my littlest son. However, with him, all we have to do is tell him we made him chicken (as long as its a white fish) and he gobbles it right up.

There are so many things we should eat but how?

This, my friend, is where we get into the art of hiding our food. Even on ourselves really. Most of the time its a mind over matter (like it is with me and fish). Now I have said before in a previous blog about salads. Some nutritionist frown upon “hiding” food. But I look at it as if my child is eating it, for now, I will work on the rest of it later.

It is a process. Especially when it comes to our greens, they can often be bitter and we don’t like the taste of bitters when we have such an over-processed diet. We can thank all of that salt for that.

So what are some ways we can hide our food within food?


I go into greater detail about greens in another blog, you can check it out here. However, you can use a food processor, a little water and blend it up into a paste and add it to soups, stews, and sauces.


Ok, we should all know by now that pasta really isn’t the best for us. We really shouldn’t have to hide pasta into any dish. It’s more hiding the foods in the pasta. Pasta is really just an over-processed piece of sugar. However, They are now making some amazing vegetable-based or lentil based pasta. This is a great way to add some of those vegetables into a diet. Now, this is still highly processed and most of the nutrients are gone. But it is still a better alternative.


Well, Friends if you don’t like meat don’t eat it. You can live off a completely plant-based diet and be completely over the top healthy (to know more about eating a plant-based diet, contact me directly). However, if you are looking at incorporating some fish because you don’t like fish. For my kiddos and well for myself on occasion. I would purchase a wild-caught cod or halibut, that is battered, and bake it. It is something to well get you started and getting the Omega 3 introduced into the diet.


This is really the biggest thing. Most kids and people will eat pasta, and meat ( unless vegetarian) But these DARN vegetables. First thing is do you or your child like some old fashion dressing such as ranch? If they will cover the vegetable in dressing and eating it. Well my goodness we broke ground. Slather it and Eat up. We can work on better healthier dressings later.

If they are super picky. This is where I recommend grating, or using the food processor for almost all vegetables. This way they can’t find a little shred of it and not eat it. I often like to shred the vegetables and saute them first in a little bit of coconut oil, this will help bring out their sweetness. Then continue to make your dish as planned. This is really great for soups, strew and sauces.

In Conclusion

This is really just scraping the surface when it comes to hiding the food within your food. When working with my clients I am better able to customize a plan for them to incorporate the foods into their diets. It is always best when we are able to consume real whole foods, rather than taking it in supplement form.

It is simple tricks and tips like this, that I love to use when I am working with the picky eater. Getting those nutrients into our bodies to help better our brain health, and help stabilize and balance our moods. If you would like to learn more about how a custom diet can help you. Check out the Links below

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