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Top Foods to Eat During the Winter

By November 13, 2017Nutrition

What Foods Should I Eat in the Winter?

Winter is really one of my favorite times of the year, I love my hearty warming foods. I love the thought of sitting by the fire all cozied up drinking some hot cocoa or sipping on some homemade soup. Do you know why our bodies want all these warming foods in the winter? It may seem obvious to some but I get the question all the time, Its because we are cold.

I have mentioned this previously that we need to eat with the seasons, meaning eating the food that is harvested late fall beginning of winter. This will give us the nutrients that our bodies need during the winter months, plus it will have the most nutrients and live enzymes available as it has just been harvested. Most of us don’t want a cold smoothie, or salad in the winter months as it doesn’t warm us up! So let’s get into the Top foods for Winter!


I love me some cabbage. Growing up I could have lived off of cabbage rolls, well let’s be honest, I could still live off cabbage rolls. cabbage is an excellent source of Vitamin K- which is crucial for our bone health as well as our blood as it regulates normal blood clotting. Vitamin C- The benefits of vitamin C can be an entire blog in itself, but it is crucial in all body systems as well as our immune system.

Cabbage Recipe

Winter Squash

Oh, my! There are so many recipes you can do with squash, aside from the deliciously roasted. Squash is an amazing source of Vitamin A and C which are 2 of the 4 main nutrient building blocks of our immune systems. It is also a great source of fiber- which is not only needed to help keep you regular it helps with the binding and the ridding of the toxins in our bodies.

Winter Squash Recipe  (- substitute sugar with honey, maple syrup, agave, stevia.)


Now we don’t eat a whole lot of potatoes in my house, as my husband can’t eat them as he has a huge sensitivity to them, they are still a great food for the winter. Potatoes are often over consumed which can cause a whole host of issues, However, they are a great source of Potassium- helps regulate blood pressure and supports regular kidney function. Vitamin B6- needed for healthy red blood cell formation, metabolism of carbohydrates, brain, and nervous system, and supports your liver.

Potatoe Recipe

Dark Leafy Greens

You should consume dark leafy greens at least once a day, whether it be in a soup, stew, raw, or in a smoothie. Great source of Calcium- supports healthy bones, balances your acid levels, and helps with muscle and nerve function. Your immune building nutrients, Vitamin A, C, E. Also a source of minerals.

Dark Leafy Green Recipe

Now I don’t want to make this blog much longer but there are a few more foods that I want to mention that are great for the winter months. Sweet potatoes, Onions, Beets, Carrots, Citrus fruit, and Pomegranates. I hope you enjoy all the recipes.

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