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Vitamins and Supplements- What we Truly Think about Them

By January 6, 2019Busy Moms, Nutrition

There are so many to choose from. Where do I start?

Does that sound like you? I hear ya. I still get overwhelmed when I walk near a vitamin aisle and I’m a professional. You can recite the alphabet and there is a vitamin, mineral or supplement that someone along the line has said to take because it is good for you. But is it really that good for you?

First off, let’s talk about if we need these bad boys in our lives. Let’s be honest they surely didn’t use them back in the day and everyone back then was “fine”. Well to an extent. They grew their own food, preserved their own food through fermentation, salting, or curing the through smoking. The soils didn’t have the pesticides, herbicides or synthetic fertilizers. The soils were naturally fertilized by their animals, and nutrients were added by the way they rotated their crops.

Forward to Today

Everything is about mass production. So we need to use the synthetic chemicals on our plants to ensure they yield enough crop to feed billions of families. We are relying on fresh packaged foods year round. Also, we heavily devour pre-packaged foods on the daily. Not to even mention the movement toward GMO foods.  Unfortunately, this has left out soils very depleted in nutrients, which results in a lack of nutrients in our food.

Did you know that the Potato use to be one of the most riches foods in Vitamin C, but now it has none? Or the Tomato has increased 200% in Sodium in the last 50 years? It really is no wonder why so many people are becoming vitamin and mineral deficient and now have to rely on supplements to help boost them back up to a sub-par standard.

Nutritionist Thoughts?

As a Nutritionist, I would love to say nope you totally can rely on food to get all your vitamins and minerals, but the harsh reality is that we can’t. Not even if we ate the cleanest of could be and 100% organic. Mind you that doesn’t mean you can eat pure garbage and just take supplements and expect them to work.

Why do you ask?  Well, when our body is super acidic, which it would be when you consume a large amount of crap food. It causes a ton of inflammation in the body and irritation, which leads us to a state that we aren’t able to absorb our vitamins and minerals.

Should I start taking them now?

Well, that all depends on how your diet is currently. How is your liver, any allergies, how about your bowel movements? There are so many things that factor in when you should start taking them. This is when I recommend you leave it to a professional to help guide you and put you on a proper plan.

If you are not able to absorb them because of other issues you are having inside the body, you most likely will just end up peeing them out. TMI I know but its totally true. You would literally be pissing money away.

Also, I want to give a quick mention that there are some vitamins that need to be paired together to be properly absorbed. There are some supplements that can be taken and actually cause others to become unbalanced.

Does it Matter what Brand?

Oh, HECK YES! Since we have established that we need to be supplementing we need to ensure we are actually getting a brand that we can actually absorb. Did you know like 90% of the vitamins and minerals you buy from a pharmacy or big chain store are synthetic? When they are synthetic our bodies don’t really know what to do with them and barely absorb them. So back to peeing them down the drain.

We need to make sure that they are bioavailable. Meaning coming from real live nutrients so that our bodies can easily absorb them. But this also means that there isn’t going to be all of these extra fillers in them to make them shelf stable for months on end. The reason why you will see an expiry date on these. Once they go rancid they can cause just as much damage as the junk food your taking.

But There are still so many different types

Yes, you are totally right. There are still so many different types, there are the tablets, the capsules, liquid, sublingual, chewable, gummies, sprays, and the list goes on. This is again where I am going to recommend you to speak to a professional. Just because you see someone who Looks healthy and fit that takes that supplement it doesn’t mean that its right for you.

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